About Me

Hello, I’m Haley Harnagel, the artist behind Life After Average. I am a fiber artist with a focus on woven wall hangings. I also dabble in other fiber arts such as embroidery, macrame, and sewing.

I began weaving in 2019 on a hand-crafted frame loom and haven’t looked back. I am currently working on a project to complete 50 mini weavings in 100 days.

My goal for this website is to provide a space for others to view my art and see what I am working on. I also aim to share weaving resources, write blogs about my life as an artist and encourage others ready to leap into the arts.

Art is for everybody. My goal is to provide a safe community for people to find their artistic voice, whether that’s in fiber arts or another medium. I look forward to where this journey may lead.